Russia Mission Trip 2016

By Craig and Sherri Parrish

These pictures are from the 2016 trip to our sister church in Tula, Russia. 

Playing out door games in the Russian Snow

While we were in Russia, we were involved in many ministry events.  We started with the annual winter camp, which was held about 50 miles north of Tula.  We played many outdoor games in about  25 - 30 inches of snow.  The best game was soccer, in which I was positioned as my teams goalie. We won despite that. 

On Monday night we helped hold a ladies conference in which Sherri , with a little bit of help from me, cooked a Mexican fiesta for 35 + ladies .  They talked about the importance of both young and young-at-heart ladies sharing and talking about life experiences.

In the next big event, we helped during a meeting of the married couples from the church who came together to talk and maybe learn a little bit about how to keep a marriage together in good and hard times.

The picture of Yuri is just before the meeting thinking about some questions for Sherri and myself. 

Pastor Yuri


The final picture is of a group of young friends whom we have known for 17+ years.  These friends were once the small children in the church and now they are the parents of the small children in the church.  How time flies. 

Sherri and I were blessed with great weather, great fellowship, and came away as always with the knowledge that God is truly at work at Grace Church.

Russia Mission Trip 2016

 Thanks to all who helped with donations to the winter and summer camp program. Sherri and I bring back blessings from Grace Church to all at Harpeth.